Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Adobe CS4 - even the installer is crap

I haven't yet blogged about it, but I had a pretty frickin' horrible time with Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere CS3. To be fair, one of the issues I had with them- repetitive crashing- was probably due to system incompatibilities/bad drivers, but it's really the poor way in which the software handled the crashes that was the crux of the problem. Anyway that'll be the subject of a future blog post.

So, now, I've decided to upgrade to CS4 in hopes of addressing the problems I had. I fire up the installer. This seems to take a long time. When it finally comes up and I get the chance to choose some configuration options, I check the Task Manager, just for kicks.

250M of memory usage?!  For an installer?!  Nnngph.

The E: drive is the home of my Program Files installations.  Currently, my C: drive has 1.54GB free and E: has an ample 11.1GB free.  The full CS4 installation is supposed to take 8.7GB.  More than enough.  So I set my custom install location to the E: drive.

I...  what?

This...  this is just fucking great.  Really inspires confidence in the quality of the product.

PS, current price of Adobe CS4 Master Collection: US $2,499