Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Adobe CS4 - even the installer is crap

I haven't yet blogged about it, but I had a pretty frickin' horrible time with Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere CS3. To be fair, one of the issues I had with them- repetitive crashing- was probably due to system incompatibilities/bad drivers, but it's really the poor way in which the software handled the crashes that was the crux of the problem. Anyway that'll be the subject of a future blog post.

So, now, I've decided to upgrade to CS4 in hopes of addressing the problems I had. I fire up the installer. This seems to take a long time. When it finally comes up and I get the chance to choose some configuration options, I check the Task Manager, just for kicks.

250M of memory usage?!  For an installer?!  Nnngph.

The E: drive is the home of my Program Files installations.  Currently, my C: drive has 1.54GB free and E: has an ample 11.1GB free.  The full CS4 installation is supposed to take 8.7GB.  More than enough.  So I set my custom install location to the E: drive.

I...  what?

This...  this is just fucking great.  Really inspires confidence in the quality of the product.

PS, current price of Adobe CS4 Master Collection: US $2,499


  1. Off the top of my head

    1. you get what you pay for (I'm assuming you are stealing this off piratebay)

    2. maybe it works better under OS X. In which case you could buy yourself a macintosh which reduces computer use from a world of pain to only a tiny little puddle of pain.

  2. 1. the installer was the "official", real, made-by-adobe installer.

    2. when i was googling my installer problems, at first, i did not specify "windows". as a result i came upon these articles:


    admittedly these problems seem much "milder" than the things i encountered, but it certainly seems to indicate that the experience is no more "native" on the macintosh.