Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The deal with my Halloween (2009) costume, or I am good at keeping secrets

For Halloween, I dressed as follows:

If you know who I'm dressed as, I hereby award you with 500 Awesome Points. If you don't get/recognize it, try the following clues:

1) Have you see The Wire? (if you haven't seen The Wire, you can skip the rest of the clues, sigh. I mean christ, it's only the greatest television show ever made)

2) Indeed.

3) They were all out of Honey Nut.

4) You see, I woke up one morning, went for breakfast, but found that there were no Honey Nut Cheerios left. The next time Renaldo finishes up a box he's gotta holler on it, yo. So I went out to get some more, but they didn't have any Honey Nut left, which is why I have just the regular kind.

Still no? WTF, what kind of dedicated Wire viewer are you? Sigh.

Ok, fine, here's the answer:

So, for the non-Wire readers, I was dressed as the character "Omar Little" from the show. If you watched the clip above and you're confused, a little context helps- he is one of the most feared and renowned characters in the show's universe, as his primary method of generating income is robbing drug dealers by planning raids on their stash houses.

Ok, so I was a character from an HBO show. What's the big deal? Well, part of it certainly is that my Halloween costumes do tend to go for the "limited audience but intense appreciation" market, which I guess mirrors my taste in music, etc. I'll probably go into further detail on that subject in a future blog post.

But that's not the real reason why I went as Omar.

My friend Jeremy often shares similar tastes with me, and has been, for years now, insisting fervently that I check out The Wire. Although I do typically heed his advice, I took great enjoyment in frustrating him; explaining that I couldn't watch it as I still had to rewatch Elektra and Universal Soldier a few more times.

Although this provided an endless source of amusement on my part, I did fully intend to watch the show and finally watched the pilot episode with my friends Sarah and Michelle about a year ago. After watching it, I got them to swear not to tell anyone, especially Jeremy, that we had watched said pilot. About 6 months ago, I watched the entire series, and kept it a secret. 2 days before Halloween I told my parents my intentions, and 1 day before, when asked about costume plans, I told a friend only that it was a secret but divulged nothing further.

Of course, there were more than a few occasions during the past year/6 months that The Wire would come up in conversation, but I would simply show little interest, and pull out an excuse of the form "oh yeah, my friend told me to check it out but I haven't seen it yet". All the while, a burning desire to blurt out my love of the series would be bubbling under the surface. The absolute brilliance of the writing in the show and its ability to "slow burn" to an eventually tremendously satisfying payoff is quite amazing. But I held my tongue.

One of the reference pics I used for Omar. Yeah, somebody
made a 3D model of him. In fact I asked a hairdresser
friend of mine if she would be able to give me cornrows, but
apparently my hair is "too short and too asian".

Being that Jeremy is in Malaysia (or actually currently in Thailand for a friend's wedding), I decided to dress as Omar, get photos taken, and have him see the photos/tags once they appeared on Facebook. I specifically chose not to dress as Omar in his typical "working" attire of a trenchcoat, bulletproof vest, and shotgun as, with a costume like that, it would not be clear how much of the show I'd seen- it would be quite possible to imagine I'd only seen the 1st season. Instead, I picked this specific look, from this specific scene in season 4, one of the greatest scenes in television history, and a clear indication that I'd seen most if not all of the series. I was eagerly awaiting a "wtf... OMG YOU FUCKER YOU'VE SEEN THE WIRE" reaction.

So I dressed up. I went to parties. I had my picture taken. I waited. Eventually the first pics showed up on Facebook... buuuuuut unfortunately due to privacy settings they weren't visible to the general public. So I waited some more. Palms sweating. Finally, Hamza's pics showed up. The moment of truth! My plan, a year in the waiting! Finally! Coming! To! Fruition!

Jeremy:so ummm i don't get the joke
yeah i don't get your costume
Jeremy:was it some movie i didn't see?
me:are you serious
you can't be serious
Jeremy:dude i've seen like 2 movies in the last 3 years
and both were documentaries
me:i can't believe this
Jeremy:it's certainly not in the wire
i still don't know if you're serious or not
Jeremy:i'm serious!
me:read my caption [ed: the caption was "they were all out of honey-nut"]
or my comment
Jeremy:that rings no bells
when you finish the box you gotta pick up another
me:so off i go
in the morning
in my blue (satin) bathrobe
to get some honey nut cheerios
you suck
[ed: I post the link to the above video]
Jeremy:you're supposed to be omar?

I lose.

But no! I will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!